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  • Use this Pocket for the Catheter when patient is up walking, NOT while lying in bed.
  • Empty Urine Catheter Bag BEFORE placing into Pocket.
  • Keep Plastic Hook pointed toward patient’s body with the FRONT of the Bag’s (Anti-Reflux Chamber) facing FORWARD.
  • Place Bag and Tubing gently into Pocket ensuring there are no kinks or discomfort to patient.
  • Secure Hook with the 2 Wide Ties (located directly above Pocket).
  • Slip the Wide Tie (on the right) BETWEEN the space where the back of Hook and Tubing meet. Never tie on or around the Tubing.
  • Slip the Wide Tie (on the left) BEHIND the bend of the Hook and tie into a bow. Never secure with a knot(s).

Follow above instructions carefully to avoid backflow of urine. Prevent collapse of bag by properly securing Hook with the Wide Ties. Always make certain there are NO kinks in the Tubing.