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Gown Designer

For the past 26 years I’ve worked in the health care industry as a Registered Nurse. Throughout my entire professional career, I have been frustrated with the design of the Traditional Patient Gown and pondered how I could improve it.

Patients always complained that they “lost their dignity” the minute they put on a gown.

I was perplexed as to why patients were given a gown that exposed most of their back and buttocks.

The design was not only antiquated, but nonfunctional as well. Like most of my colleagues, our solution was to “double gown” (which required our patients wearing 2 gowns together to compensate for their exposed back and buttocks).

Additionally, when I would do a sterile dressing change (on a sternal wound), I found the best way to maintain a sterile field was to completely remove the gown. Not only did this require more time but also more importantly it was an unpleasant experience for my patients.

Another challenge with the Traditional Gown design was preparing and assisting patients to ambulate (walk). They faced the daunting task of walking with a barrage of surgical drains/tubes, a Urinary Catheter Bag, tape and pins. They also contended with equipment such as oxygen tanks, IV Pumps/Poles, and IV Bags. It was overwhelming for them to manage.

As a result of the aforementioned, I had a vision to design a new, reversible gown that would provide dignity and function, incorporating a durable fabric that never shrinks or fades.

The MoonBgone Gown was created. It may be worn in two different orientations.

For the Ambulatory (walking) patient, the gown is worn in a “Forward Orientation” (like a bathrobe) utilizing the Interior Pockets for the heart monitor, most surgical drains and a Urinary Catheter Bag. The pockets contain and conceal the drains from sight. This enables the patient to be “hands free”, providing a way to walk while holding onto an IV Pole or walker for a more secure balance. Furthermore, this eliminates tying one’s Urinary Catheter Bag to the IV Pole or walker!

For the Bed Bound patient, the gown is worn in the “Reversed Orientation” (turned around). It appears like the Traditional Style, but it fully covers the back and buttocks while still providing a heart monitor pocket on the front chest.

In 2013 and 2014, this product was involved in a Study and Product Evaluation in a prominent Central Florida Hospital. The results showed positive feedback and extreme satisfaction amongst the patients surveyed!

It is my personal desire to offer all patients everywhere this superior product, and dignity.

Cynthia Kovensky