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MoonBGone Patient Gown - Adult Unisex - One Size Fits Most

The MoonBgone Gown was designed to address the lack of dignity, function and shortcomings of the Traditional Patient Gown. Our goal is to elevate the patient experience to all patients (in all settings) with a superior product.

To maintain dignity, many clinicians offer their patients a second gown. This is a “quick solution” to cover up the exposed body from behind.

We offer a Gown that is REVERSIBLE and that FULLY COVERS the back and buttocks. This ELIMINATES the need to double gown, which will reduce inefficiencies and cost.

By simply wearing one Gown versus two, industrial laundry volume is decreased by consuming less water, energy and labor.

The Interior Drain Pockets provide a way to conceal and contain drains. This may diminish excessive use of tape and pins, potentially driving down the cost.

With the added function of Interior Drain Pockets, patients have the ability to walk “Hands Free”. Once a patient is no longer holding onto their Urinary Drain (Catheter), it enables them to ambulate (walk) more securely. They can maintain their balance better while pushing the IV Pole or Walker.

The Traditional Patient Gown is made from an inferior, (polyester/cotton blend) fabric that shrinks, fades and thins over time. Our product is constructed from a superior (100 % polyester) fabric that doesn’t shrink, fade or damage when laundered, thus increasing it’s lifespan.

We pledge to provide you with a superior product that incorporates comfort, function and Dignity for All!

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  • 100 % Polyester
  • Machine Washable